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Recently accepted papers.

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1.      Mateo M, Carbonnelle C, Reynard O, Nemirov K, Page A, Volchkova V, Volchkov V E.  VP24 is a molecular determinant of virulence in guinea-pigs. J Inf Dis 2011, 204 (suppl 2).

2.      Mateo M, Carbonnelle C, Martinez MJ, Reynard O, Page A, Volchkova V, Volchkov VE.  Knockdown of Ebolavirus VP24 impairs viral nucleocapsid assembly and prevents virus replication. J Inf Dis 2011, 204 (suppl 2).

3.      Volchkova VA, Dolnik O, Martínez MJ, Reynard O, and Volchkov VE. Genomic RNA editing and its impact on Ebolavirus adaptation during serial passages in cell culture and infection of guinea pigs. J Inf Dis 2011, 204 (suppl 2).

4.      Reynard O, Mokhonov V, Mokhonova E, Leung J, Page A, Mateo M, Pyankova O, Georges-Courbot M-C, Raoul H, Khromykh AA,  Volchkov VE.  Kunjin virus replicon-based vaccines expressing Ebola virus glycoprotein GP protect the guinea pig against lethal Ebola virus infection. J Inf Dis 2011, 204 (suppl 2).

5.      Martínez MJ, Volchkova VA, Raoul H, Reynard O, and Volchkov VE.  The role of VP30 phosphorylation in Ebolavirus replication cycle. J Inf Dis 2011, 204 (suppl 2).

6.      Reynard O, Nemirov K, Page A, Mateo M, Raoul H, Weissenhorn W, and Volchkov VE.  A conserved proline-rich region of Ebolavirus matrix protein VP40 is essential for the protein’s plasma membrane targeting and VLP release. J Inf Dis 2011, 204 (suppl 2).

7.      Reynard O, Reid StP, Page A, Mateo M, Alazard-Dany N, Raoul H, Basler ChF, and Volchkov VE.  Unconventional secretion of Ebolavirus matrix protein VP40. J Inf Dis 2011, 204 (suppl 2).

8.      Leung LW, Martinez O, Reynard O, Volchkov VE, and Basler ChF.  Ebola virus failure to stimulate plasmacytoid dendritic cell interferon responses correlates with impaired cellular entry. J Inf Dis 2011, 204 (suppl 2).

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