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The long-term interest of our team is to develop innovative biotherapies against infectious diseases, by targeting different steps of virus replication and, more particularly, those involving the interaction of envelope glycoproteins of selected viral pathogens with the cell surface and those involving the assembly of viral particles.

Our specific objectives are to explore antiviral therapies against: i) human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) through therapeutic gene delivery into T-cells and/or human hematopoietic stem cells, ii) hepatitis C virus (HCV), using active and/or passive immunotherapy, and iii) respiratory viruses, using novel vaccinal approaches based on VLPs (viral-like particles).

Innovation in these therapeutic areas requires addressing a number of questions of both fundamental and translational natures that we are exploring in depth for HCV to understand the mechanisms of virulence, of host responses and of viral persistence. On the other hand, aiming to facilitate the development of antiviral strategies, we are building a deep understanding of the immune mechanisms that restrict infection or, alternatively, that are counteracted, subverted or perverted by pathogens.

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